Interview with Kathy

Kathy sat down to discuss her career as an Interior Designer with freelance writer Sue Thomson, C.I.D.

Award-Winning Designer

Award-Winning Designer

Q. Have you always had the design bug?

A. I had an Aunt and Uncle who were well traveled and their home was very interesting. As a child I remember examining every element of their home, trying to understand how and why it all worked together. Whenever my Mom made an update to our home, I would hop in the car to go with her and help pick out furniture. Even though I had a long career in the insurance industry I always knew that one day I would follow my passion. And here I am!

Q. Tell me about your career before Decorating Den Interiors.

A. I had a long career in the insurance industry with several positions over the years. I started in a clerical position before becoming an agricultural underwriter. Later, as a commercial underwriter I decided which businesses to insure and at what cost, based on risk assessment. I ultimately became a business consultant for a large system development project, responsible for system requirements, usability, training and problem resolution.

Q. Tell me what a Decorating Den Interiors client can expect from you.

A. The biggest compliment I get is that I am friendly and don’t have that “designer air” about me! I want clients to feel comfortable working with me collaboratively because that way they will get the home they’ve been dreaming of. I take the art of designing a home seriously but I don’t take myself too seriously! As with most relationships, I find that open communication is the key to success.

Q. What do you like about the design process?

A. I like the process for multiple reasons:

— The room layout is like a puzzle and I enjoy getting the size and scale within the room correct to ensure that it is functional.

— Once the puzzle pieces are together it is time to create the scene. Pulling together pretty but functional fabrics for the furnishings, rugs and window treatments. Planning useful levels of lighting, then finally art and accessories to make the room unique.

— The delivery and installation is where the heavy work happens — not pretty at the time but amazing when it’s done.

— Finally, the big reveal and how could you not like this part? Seeing a client’s vision for their home come to fruition, and their response to it is just the best part.

Q. How long does a typical project take?

A. Once we have finished making the selections the time before the reveal is between 8 – 14 weeks.

Q. What do clients like about working with you?

A. I think they enjoy my easy, no pressure nature that allows them to be a big part of the process.

Q. Why should a client work with you on their project?

A. Why not? Seriously, I want to help clients to fulfill their vision. This is not about me putting my stamp on the space, but rather helping figure out what my clients want. I like helping them create their best home. I love getting to meet so many families, getting to know the kids… I start to feel part of the family!

Q. Tell me about a favorite project you’ve worked on, and why?

A. Oh goodness! Every project is a good one. I could come up with something from every project I’ve worked on but I’ll talk about two.

  1. One of my clients is an older lady, a sweet person whose husband had passed away. Their bedroom had always been more masculine with a navy bedspread and she wanted a bedroom that reflected her femininity. We designed her a beautiful room in creams and plums and she says how special she feels going in there.
  2. A second favorite was building a new home and were not taking any furniture with them as they wanted a big change in style and color. They were looking for design that was light and bright, with happy colors. My client originally called because there were so many decisions to be made in addition to furnishing the whole house. We designed and furnished each room, installed custom closets throughout, and purchased furniture for the outside areas too. She moved into a fully furnished and decorated home and just couldn’t believe that it was all theirs.



Kathy is an interior designer working across the Philadelphia region specializing in Bucks County and Montgomery County. She’s looking forward to hearing from you! Please call Kathy at 215-412-9942 for information on how she can work magic for you.