Family Room

One of the most well-used areas of your home, the family room is a place where family comes together in a multi-functional space that must accommodate groups of people for different activities. It should be comfortable, warm and inviting while at the same time it should come together in both function and style.  Whether you’re chatting, watching television or playing board games, this space should allow for relaxation for every member of the family down to the youngest.

transitional living room

How will you use the space?

Interior designer Kathy McGroarty of Decorating Den Interiors, will be asking questions on her initial visit to find out who will share this space. If you have children and their ages; if you have pets and what they are. How you will use the space will channel Kathy’s thoughts on layout and lighting. If you read books, then table lamps will be important, not just for ambient lighting. If you read a Kindle, then bright light is not so important.

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Fabrics that won't show dirt

You may look at this luxurious designer space and think that it couldn’t possibly be a family room. You couldn’t imagine your children in the space. But there are tricks to the trade that can achieve style and function together. Crypton fabrics allow you to have light colored fabrics on sofas or chairs, You will have peace of mind knowing that your fabric is protected and guaranteed not to stain. Rely on Kathy’s depth of knowledge to provide furniture for the whole family!

Contact Kathy today at 215-412-9942 to schedule an in-home design consultation and get started creating the family room you’ve been dreaming of.

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