Dining Room

The dining room is a space where family sits down to eat together, where conversation can flow, and good food can be enjoyed away from the stresses of life. Some families only use their dining room for hosting special occasions such as Christmas , Thanksgiving, birthdays and other holidays. In modern times, others use their “formal” dining room for other uses and prefer casual dining closer to the kitchen. Whatever your preference, interior designer Kathy McGroarty will design a space where you’ll want to relax with family and friends.

Casual dining in a colorful lime & purple space

A dining room for the family

This modern dining room with a wall mural, comfortable chairs and bench seating showcase how formal dining has moved on. This award-winning design is for friends and family. Not to be used just twice a year, this dining room is popular all-year-round.

Colorful dining room with multi-color seating

A custom dining room

It’s easy to purchase a dining set from a store. Interior designers mix it up with style by choosing a table, creating a custom look with dining chairs from a different line and adding rugs, lighting and wallpaper to set the scene.

  • custom window treatments
  • custom upholstery
  • custom rugs
  • fine furniture
  • wall coverings
  • accessories

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